A natural and preserved resort, the alpine ski area offers 20 kilometers of slopes for a total of 16 runs. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Hautacam will seduce you with its multiple facets: dynamism, change of scenery, easy access & authenticity.

It's on the Cardouet sector that everything starts, with an initiation carpet and a secured slope for the less experienced skiers. Two ski lifts offer to the apprentices the joy of borrowing gently a ski lift.

The Naouit sector is THE sector for the more experienced skiers. Between forest, virgin space and ideally groomed slope, the skier will find his pleasure. The most of the Naouit sector?! An incredible view on the Pyrenees.

In short : The Hautacam resort is the perfect resort for all levels of skiers, the guarantee of the pleasure of skiing for young and old.



On the Nordic domain, you have free rein to do as you please.

Would you like to learn cross-country skiing? Skating or classic, the choice is yours!

Classic skiing, similar to walking, is ideal for a family outing. Skating, similar to rollerblading and skating, requires a little more technique and the learning of basic movements, but you will quickly feel the sensation of speed after a few outings. On our 3 trails, there is no question of losing your bearings! Evolve in complete safety and find your way thanks to the markings.


Put on your snowshoes and melt into the scenery.

Whatever the relief and the state of the snow, all walks are allowed. In the middle of nature or on a peaceful groomed and marked loop, get some fresh air and move forward step by step while respecting the natural environment.

At your disposal, a groomed and secured loop of 6 kms. We remind you that snowshoes are forbidden on the alpine ski slopes.

For those who wish to go on an adventure, don't hesitate to ask a professional to accompany you.