Sports store, sale and rental

The Hautacam store, located right next to the ticket office at the foot of the alpine slopes, offers to equip you directly on the spot for your mountain outings in any season. Sale and rental of ski equipment, helmets, cross-country skiing, snowshoes, sledges for the winter, sale of technical products for the summer. We offer a selection of souvenirs from the Pyrenees: textiles, mugs, posters, knives, stuffed animals.

In winter, the Tramassel store located in the ticket office on the Nordic sector offers you the rental of cross-country skis, cross-country shoes, hiking boots and snow shoes.

For any rental, you will be asked for an ID.

Coupe vent de vélo Coupe vent de vélo

Location Alpin

Location alpin journée :



Chaussures enfant 5 €
Skis enfant 9 €
Journée enfant skis + chaussures  14 €
Chaussures adulte 5 €
Skis adulte 13 €
Journée adulte skis + chaussures 18 €
Casque  6 €


Location alpin demi journée à partir de 12h00 :



Chaussures enfant 4 €
Skis enfant 8 €
Journée enfant skis + chaussures 12 €
Chaussures adulte 4 €
Skis adulte 11 €
Journée adulte skis + chaussures 16 €



Location nordique

Location nordique journée :



Journée enfant skis + chaussures 9 €
Journée adulte skis + chaussures 12 €
Raquettes 7 €
Raquettes groupe  Sur demande