Eclipse above the Hautacam

Explor Games is a digital treasure hunt and adventure game. Discover the Hautacam in a different way, in teams and on a tablet.

Created especially for the resort, explore the Nordic area in a fun way.

Pierre le Berger

Here is its story


Since the beginning of time in the Hautes-Pyrénées, the shepherds, guided by the summits and the stars, accompany their animals night and day in the heart of the mountains.

As Pierre moves his herd in search of new pastures on the Hautacam plateau, he is dazzled by a flash of light. The sky suddenly darkens, making day merge with night. The sheep seem disoriented, and Lily, the leader, has disappeared.

Just after the event, you decide to join Pierre to bring back the light on the Pyrenees.

Scour the area, meet the challenges, and fight against these dark designs, before the world plunges into darkness forever.


 Conditions: €24 per tablet for up to 5 people

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